A Message from the Founder

Maria Manson-Executive Director

Maria Manson, Founder recalls the day she came home from a New Year's Party. AS soon as I walked in the bedroom my ex-husband slapped me so hard that I had blood shots in both eyes. As I try to get my balance and look at him, his fist went past my face and went in the wall. All I could do is look at the hole and by the time I turned back to face him, a gun was in my face. Then, I heard him say the next time it will be this.

After he left the room, I got on my knees and cried out to God to help me get out of this! I saw a vision of an upgraded Motel 6. So I made a vow to God that I would help other women and their children get out of their situation. In 2013, Grace Haven Retreat, Inc. was on its way to making a dream a reality. We strive to serve women and their children of domestic violence.


Today, we are proud to say we have served over 50 families and ready to expand with a transitional housing so more families are provided an opportunity to have a safe place to call home.


We can work together to STOP the cycle of family violence.